Eligible children are those who:

  1. Are 18 years of age or younger
  2. Are enrolled full time in an elementary, middle/junior, or high school
  3. Maintain appropriate school attendance
  4. Maintain appropriate school grades
  5. Maintain appropriate behavior in school and society

How to Apply

Follow these instructions to properly apply for a computer system:

  1. Complete a Child's Application for each eligible child in the household. Mail the form to Fostering Technology at the address to the right.
  2. Obtain at least two references for each eligible child on a Reference Form. Each reference must mail their form directly to Fostering Technology. Multiple references from the same organization may be mailed together.
  3. Complete an Application for Specialty Hardware if you would like the child(ren) to be considered for a qualifying device

Related Information

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We are currently looking for help with Macintosh computers. We are looking for individuals with experience in identifying Macintosh hardware and installing Macintosh operating systems and software. If you are interested, please fill out the Contact Us form to let us know.

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