Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

We are now a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. What that means is we have satisfied Microsoft's requirements that we are a legitimate non-profit organization providing usable PCs to low-income families. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher we are able to purchase Windows XP and/or Office XP at $5.00 per license. At this pricing we will no longer be forced to install the outdated operating system that was originally installed on donated computers. This will provide the children with an even more relevant computer experience.

What We Do

We receive donated computers, wipe all existing data from the storage media, reinstall the original operating system, install other free or properly licensed software, then distribute the computers, free of charge, to children in need.

Our Mission

Fostering Technology is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the free distribution of computer systems to children in need.

About Us

Fostering Technology, Inc. was founded by David and Sara Schwindt. David is a Police Officer who specializes in computer crimes. Sara is a middle school teacher in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. David has spent years repairing and upgrading computers for clients, friends, and family. Over the years the majority of those same clients, friends, and family have asked him if he wanted their used computer(s). David and Sara developed the idea of taking the used computers, refurbishing them, and distributing them to children in need at no charge. With the help of donated services from a number of local businesses their idea has developed into this incorporated nonprofit organization. Children will be provided computers and software necessary to gain academic and job relevant skills. These children must demonstrate, through an application and reference process, that they have the desire to learn and apply themselves to their education.

Our Commitment

“Our commitment to the donor is to protect their personal information. We have partnered with Digital Intelligence, a leading computer forensic hardware and software company, to meet that goal. We will eliminate all traces of data from their computer before distributing it to a child. Our commitment to the children is to provide them with a computer that has the necessary hardware and software to help them gain academic and job relevant computer skills.”

-- David and Sara Schwindt

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." -- Arthur Ashe

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How you can help:
We are currently limited financially. Please contact us if you or your orgainization are willing to make a cash donation. Or, we welcome invitations to come speak to your group to spread the word about Fostering Technology.

Contact Information:
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